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The very people Georgia citizens trust and are dependent upon to serve justice,
provide safety, and act as trustworthy officials have ignored and participated in the
illegal termination of Cobb County Pretrial Director Wanda Spann.

She has been stripped of her civil rights. Because she is suing judges for judicial misconduct, has
documentation of a Cobb County Superior Court Judge falsifying legal documents, can link the
recently investigated Court Administrator to assisting in her termination, and can prove criminal
interference with her due process; many people including lawyers, have been reluctant to help.
Every court Spann has gone to seeking justice, these people have been politically covered.

Wanda Spann has been denied:
-Retirement after 23 years of service
-Unemployment Benefits
-Health Insurance Benefits
-and her Yearly Salary

Spann would have been eligible for retirement in 2010.

This must stop immediately. Join us is providing Justice for Wanda Spann.
NEW! Shocking decision from the Georgia Supreme Court! Must See! Learn how the Georgia Supreme Court DID NOT ENFORCE THE UNIFORM SUPERIOR COURT RULES OF GEORGIA! What made Georgia Chief Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears allow this decision? Read more about the ruling here!
The Georgia Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears
denied Wanda Spann's application for Writ of Certiorari!

Read how they allowed this injustice to stand.

Judge Frank Cox sets low bond for a former sheriff deputy charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated assault, battery, and aggravated sexual battery.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution states:

Atlanta attorney Richard W. Summers, who is representing the 21-year-old woman, said he was disappointed that Cox did not set a higher bail.

"This is a very, very serious set of allegations. And the outrageous conduct called for a much more serious bond amount," Summers said. "She's not doing well. She's very afraid of him."

Read full article here.

Stirring new details on SEX SCANDAL involving Cobb County Court Administrator

Not only did the investigation of Howard "Skip" Chesshire allegedly find sexual misconduct, but the falsifying of county documents.Chesshire played a key role in the termination of Wanda Spann.

Click here for more details.
Featured Book: Let My Children Go by Wendy Titeleman

"My true story about my daughters' sexual abuse, the refusal of the Cobb County, Georgia, Superior Court
to protect them, an my long fight to free them from the grip of their
abusive father." - Wendy Titelman

Judge James Bodiford, a key player in the Wanda Spann case, was the presiding judge
in Titelman’s case involving the alleged sexual abuse of her daughters by Titelman’s ex-

Read about Titelman’s accusations of exparte communication and other judicial
misconduct involving
Judge James Bodiford. Learn more about the Titelman case.