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Georgia Supreme Court Decision
The Georgia Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears
denied Wanda Spann’s application for Writ of Certiorari, which would have allowed Spann
to present her case to the high court.
The Court’s denial of Wanda Spann’s application
was a blatant violation of her civil rights and due process of law.

Although Spann submitted substantial evidence revealing numerous violations of the
Uniform Superior Court Rules of Georgia by these defendants, in allowing Cobb County
Chief Magistrate Frank Cox to illegally terminate Spann’s 20 year employment as Cobb
County Pretrial Court Service Director, the Georgia Supreme Court
chose to ignore this
injustice and violation of the law. The decision made by these justices sends a message
to all Georgians that there is no protection under the law if one has been damaged by
administrative wrongful acts by judges or other high-ranking government officials.

The Georgia Supreme Court is responsible for creating, maintaining, and enforcing all of
Georgia’s Uniform Court Rules.
Despite Rule 27 of the Uniform Superior Court Rules of
Georgia, clearly stating that Pretrial Services Directors in Georgia counties are appointed
by and serve at the pleasure of the county’s Superior Judges Councils,
the Supreme
Court in Spann’s case proceeded as though no such rule exists.
Moreover, the Supreme
Court ignored the fact that Spann reintroduced to them a letter previously given to her by
the Georgia Supreme Court Clerk which indicated the Justices had reviewed Wanda
Spann's document and confirmed no documentation was ever filed by Cobb County
Superior Court transferring Pretrial Services from the Superior Court to the Magistrate

Additionally, in denying Spann’s request to be heard, the Supreme Court Justices did not
consider the fact that former Chief Superior Court Judge Mary Staley lied in written
documents stating the Supreme Court had approved the transfer of authority.

The following Georgia Supreme Court Justices denied Spann’s Writ Application:
Leah Ward Sears
Carol Hunstein
George H. Carley
Hugh T. Thompson
Harold Melton

Justices Robert Benham and P. Harris Hines elected not to participate in the process.