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Mary Staley
If a judge lies, who enforces truth and merit?

Superior Court Judge Mary Staley was actively
involved in the illegal termination of Wanda Spann.

Were favors done for Judge Frank Cox in exchange
for favors in the Magistrate Court?
-Judge Cox used false documents and statements from Judge Mary Staley
and former Court Administrator Howard "Skip" Chesshire to illegally terminate

-On March 19, 2003 Cox was given a
memo by Superior Court Judge Mary Staley
which stated that the Georgia Supreme Court had approved for the Chief
Magistrate to have supervisory authority over Spann and her department.
was not true.
Cox used the letter to place Spann under house arrest/suspension.

-On May 21, 2003 Mary Staley gave Cox another
letter containing similar
which he used to terminate Spann the following day.

After Wanda Spann learned from Skip Chesshire that Superior Court Judge Mary
Staley wrote the false affidavit,
Spann petitioned the federal court to depose
. Afterward, Judge Staley, through the Georgia Attorney General's Office,
motioned the federal court to
deny Spann’s petition.

Why did Staley try to circumvent a sworn deposition? Afterall, if the
affidavit were true…why not submit to a deposition?

Staley told the federal court that since she is a “high level government official,” she
should not be deposed.

Spann petitioned back advising the court that Staley had been deposed in federal
court before,
citing the case of Rolfe v. Staley, et al (a case involving alleged
sexual harassment

Staley was never deposed in Spann’s case because the petition was denied.
More to come!
*picture of Staley from Cobb County
Bar Association

The source of this photo is not
associated with Justice for Wanda
Spann and is simply a visual aid.
After Spann's
termination Superior
Court Judge Mary
Staley twice applied
for appointment to
the Federal Bench.

letter was written
to the selection
committee by the
president of the
Cobb County SCLC
objecting to her
elevation to the
federal bench
because of her
involvement in the
illegal and wrongful
termination of
Wanda Spann.