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*picture of Howard "Skip" Chesshire
from the Marietta Daily Journal

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Wanda Spann asked
Chesshire in a
federal court
deposition about his
involvement with
young females on the
Cheshire signed an affidavit explaining who has authority over the Pretrial
Services Director position, yet when deposed Chesshire
had no clue regarding
the legal details of his own appointment

“They voted. They just told me I was hired. They voted and they hired me. “
“I interviewed for the job. I didn’t know about any rule.”

See more in the Howard Chesshire Deposition: Page 4:  lines 7 – 25 and Page 5: line 1
Howard Chesshire is his wife’s former supervisor.

See more in the Howard Chesshire Deposition: Page 20
Chessshire discloses in full detail that Judge Mary Staley wrote the false

See more in the Howard Chesshire Deposition: Pages 39-41
In 2005, Wanda Spann questioned Mr. Chesshire about his alleged
inappropriate relationships with young girls on the job

See more in the Howard Chesshire Deposition: Pages 61 -62

Stirring NEW details on Sex Scandal involving Court Administrator in Cobb

Not only was Cobb County Court Administrator, Howard “Skip” Chesshire allegedly
involved in numerous trysts and jarring sexual behaviors while on the job, the recently
released investigation states he was involved in falsifying court documents including
timesheets. These allegations are not new to Chesshire as he also played a key role in
the blatantly illegal termination of an African American female from her 20 year position
as Cobb County Pretrial Director. There is undeniable evidence in the court system
linking Howard “Skip” Chesshire to this and other illegal activities including telling lies
under oath, signing and submitting a false affidavit to the court written by
Cobb County
Superior Court Judge Mary Staley and notarized by her personal secretary, verbally lying
Magistrate Judge Frank Cox by stating he had authority over Pretrial Court Services,
and criminal interference with the due process of the illegally terminated Pretrial Director.

Former Pretrial Director, Wanda Spann, wrongfully lost her job, retirement,
unemployment, and civil rights at the hands of Chesshire and his alliances on the Cobb
County Superior Court Judges panel. Spann served as Director with an impeccable,
unblemished record, winning numerous awards. Chesshire helped the Chief Magistrate
Judge, Frank Cox stage a witch hunt/railroad against Spann.

Because of his close association with Cobb County Superior Court Judges; Chesshire felt
he would be covered in doing illegal activities against Spann. He allowed a false affidavit
to be written in his name, which would become pertinent in the illegal firing of Wanda

Spann has not received her due process and has been stripped of her civil rights. Due to
the fact  she is suing judges for judicial misconduct, has documentation of a Cobb County
Superior Court Judge falsifying legal documents, and can prove criminal interference with
her due process; many people including lawyers, have been reluctant to help her.

This injustice not only involves Chesshire, Cox, and Staley but several judges on the
federal, state, and local levels of government.  
Attorney General Thurbert Baker also did
not come to Spann’s aid and let this injustice continue. The case is now heading to the
Georgia Supreme Court on appeal, and she is afraid because these people are so
powerful and are covered politically everywhere she goes seeking justice, the Georgia
Supreme Court will be no different.                                               
Chesshire is currently receiving approximately $100,000 a year in
retirement. Wanda Spann is innocent and receiving nothing.

Action must be taken.